Today’s Quote: Broadway

“The news is full of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I have no clue who could have done it or why. I won’t even venture a guess. What I do know is that the bombs were made from common items available to the general public like ball bearings and pressure cookers. This is important because it shows the idiocy of thinking something like gun control will put an end to mass killings. Nutjobs don’t even need a gun to kill a bunch of people. And explosives are already regulated by the federal government.

“Evil does not come from an object or a substance or anything else outside of ourselves…Controlling or eliminating these things will never eliminate evil. And evil is never satisfied. Evil works overtime. Evil does things purely for their own destructive ends.”

–Charlie Broadway, from a post on his blog

Way to state the case, Charlie! And way to call out our elitist political classes and their sycophants in the press–not to mention a large-ish segment of American society–on being so willing to piss around with trying to “fix” the problem to suit their own political ends without ever getting to the root causes.

I can hardly wait until congress introduces legislation to regulate and/or ban the ownership and purchase of pressure cookers…

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