Today’s Quote: McFarland

“It used to be American politics stopped at the water’s edge, and that American Presidents honored foreign leaders, regardless of their political persuasions or party.

No longer.

By failing to send even one senior level official to Mrs. Thatcher’s funeral, this President has shown that partisan politics now extend beyond the grave.

Shame on you, Mr. President. You and your administration look cheap, small and petty.

–K.T. McFarland in a very trenchant opinion piece

What a coincidence that I’ve read two excellent pieces recently by Ms. McFarland. And this one goes right along with an earlier post of mine wherein I mused about the evils of politics infecting our daily lives to such an extent that it trumps all sense of propriety. But then what else would you expect from a man who gives the Queen of England an iPod?

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