Today’s Quote: Aristides (Plutarch)

“Aristides the Just was always an independent in politics, and avoided political parties, on the ground that influence derived from friends encourages wrongdoing.”

—Aristides “the Just” (Athenian statesman, 530 BC – 468 BC), quoted from Plutarch’s Moralia, Sayings of Kings and Commanders, 186.1

Hello! Sorry about not posting anything in a while, but I’ve been both terribly busy and terribly lazy …

I was reading Plutarch over the weekend and came across this gem. Once again, a trenchant bit of ancient wisdom from 2,500 years ago, perfectly applicable to today. I know I’m not the only one completely fed-up with the undemocratic and downright evil stranglehold that partisan politics and political parties have placed on civilization. One only need look at this year’s presidential debacle to see the absolute truth of Aristides’ — and many others’ — wisdom.

I certainly wish there were any true leaders today who would behave in the same manner …

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