Today’s Quote: Diogenes Laertius (Solon)

“He compared laws to spiders’ webs, which stand firm when any light and yielding object falls upon them, while a larger thing breaks through them and makes off.”

— Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers, Chapter 2: Solon

I was struck by this quote describing the words of one of Ancient Greece’s Seven Sages, Solon the Law Giver (ca. 594 BC), particularly in relation to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and life in general.

I find it extremely aggravating, unfair and hypocritical that people like the Clintons — with their big money, political connections and gift for retaliation — literally break the law and get away with their illegal activities, when citizens like you and me — the “light and yielding” ones without the ability to wield our checkbooks and political clout like a bludgeon — have to tread on eggshells to negotiate a minefield of laws and their attendant penalties. How many of you seriously think you could commit even a fraction of the illegal and questionable acts Ms. Clinton has in her lifetime without being crushed under the “awful majesty of the law?”

The “larger things” — those with the power, influence and backroom deals in place — have rigged it so they don’t have to obey those same laws. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others …

Not that the Clintons are the only ones: politicians, big business leaders, entertainers, media talking heads, you name it are just as bad. This — not being subject to the same laws and punishments as everyone else — may be the biggest cause of the destruction of civilization as we know it. In the United States of today, we no longer actually believe in or live by the rule of law. We’re descending to the level of Banana Republic and nobody seems to care.

Indeed, people seem eager to elect Banana Republic dictators, regardless of their guilt.

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