WOW—Just, wow…

I looked at my personal blog page today and was confronted by an awful realization: I have not posted here in one day short of two years!

I’m sorry. Mi dispiace. Je suis désolé. Es tut mir Leid. прости. ごめんなさい。

The excuses are many, long and varied; however, I will not air them here. Suffice to say that A) there’s not necessarily been anything stupendous to report (that I can remember, anyway…), B) I’ve been busy trying to do a lot of different things and had a lot of distractions, and C) my life has gone a little bit out of control, especially over the last three to four months. (Don’t worry, though—nothing serious or life-threatening here.)

If I can indeed get my act back together, I’ll begin posting again regularly. Or, at least irregularly. Perhaps I’ll even make regular blog posting part of the remedy for my dissipation and a mechanism for accountability.

Sorry for the wait, and thanks for you patience—if anyone’s still out there who’s actually following/reading!

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