Keynesian BS

Here is a perfect cartoon to illustrate the ludicrous fallacy that is known as Keynesian Economics, brought to you via the Cato Institute:


It’s absolutely appalling that government officials across the world actually think this works. The pain and suffering they’re putting us all through as they sell future generations down the river for a CYA today is reprehensible. Never mind the “Banksters” or “1%” it’s government that are the real criminals.

Click here to view Daniel J. Mitchell’s original Cato blog post for a little more enlightenment.


Microsoft’s Biggest Miss

I enjoy reading Patrick Rhone’s minimal mac blog (that is, when it’s actually up and running since it’s based on Tumblr…). Sometimes he has really insightful articles, like this one about where exactly Microsoft made its biggest mistake.

I would highly suggest you read the entire post to see how spot-on it really is. I probably shouldn’t ruin it for you, but it’s just too good not to quote the final summation:

Microsoft’s biggest miss was allowing the world to finally see the truth behind the big lie — they were not needed to get real work done. Or anything done, really.

And that will be what ultimately kills them.


Reblog > Will Congress Stop King Barack the First?

An absolutely infuriating piece from Gene Healy at the Cato Institute that I think everyone should read–it also appeared in the January 9th Washington Examiner. Not infuriating because of Gene’s article, but of how he reveals what our most imperial of presidents thinks he can get away with. The last part of the article sums it all up very nicely–and very chillingly:

But the worst hypocrisy here is Obama’s. “I’ve studied the Constitution as a student, I’ve taught it as a teacher,” he piously intoned in 2009: “I know that we must never, ever, turn our back on its enduring principles for expedience’s sake.”

Yet Bush never fought a war without congressional authorization — as Obama did in Libya. Nor did Bush ever publicly claim the power to assassinate American citizens via drone strike, far from any battlefield. (The memo explaining Obama’s legal rationale for that move is classified — he could tell you, but then he’d have to kill you.)

And deeming the Senate “functionally” in recess was a bridge too far even for Bush. When Bush’s attorneys urged him to do it in 2008, he declined. The Cordray appointment is just the latest instance where 44 has gone even further than 43 in the abuse of executive power.

Employing the royal “We” in an interview last month, Obama declared: “Where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves.” How long will Congress let him get away with it?

Maybe it’s already too late. Maybe our country is finally doomed to become just another socialist welfare state with its provisions enforced by a police state and tin-pot dictator. I don’t know, but I want out…

The Class Warfare We Need: Conover

I found this essay by Steve Conover via Charlie’s Blog today, and it is absolutely brilliant! Finally somebody actually speaks the truth about the ludicrous and damaging class warfare being pushed by the Democrats, media and OWS morons. The proper target is all wrong:

The point is this: If we’re going to have a war, let’s do it right. The battle lines should be drawn orthogonally to the oversimplified “rich versus the rest.” A virtuous war would be one that rewards society’s honest earners and productive contributors, while punishing society’s predators, pirates, and parasites—all without regard to anyone’s income level. It is a target-rich environment that includes anyone (of any income level) who is cheating to win, any business or union (of any size) with its snout in the public trough, any politician filling that trough and feeding those snouts for reciprocal gain, and any group using the political system (at any level) to maintain its monopoly, or its winning “edge” against less-well-connected competitors.

Amen, brother.

Go read the entire essay on the American Enterprise Institute website.

Terror on your Doorstep, provided by our Own Federal Government

Some frightening food for thought from Charlie’s Blog this morning. I never thought I’d live to see this day, but the really terrifying thing is that everyone in this country is just sitting around letting it happen. We will soon reap what we’ve been sowing for the past couple of decades, and that’s why I want out:


The two senators I despise most right now are Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Those two fasctards [his invented word for “Fascist Retards”–dpk] …are desperate to eradicate what is left of freedom here in the USA. Let’s face it, folks. The terrorists have won. When people sworn to uphold the Constitution turn around and shred it, how is this not a triumph for evil and tyranny? We’re clearly sliding down that slippery slope at an unprecedented rate. What’s next? Are we going to abolish the judicial system? And where is the Supreme Court in all of this?

I don’t fear al Qaeda. I fear my own government. I fear those goddamn politicians who can decide on a whim that I am a threat and have me incarcerated without due process. It just boggles the mind that this once great nation has descended to this point. I have to wonder why the USSR ever bothered with nukes when all it took to bring down American freedom was some box cutter knives.

I suppose that in truth I shouldn’t speak too loudly–no telling if under these new provisions being rammed through the Defense Budget bill some politician might get upset, label me a “terrorist” and have me thrown in the slammer.

And yet people here–epitomized by the OWS morons (using “people” here might be stretching it a bit)–want even more government…

Minimalist Holiday: White Friday

Rather than get caught up in the madness we have come to know as Black Friday, how about following some advice from Miss Minimalist that she details in today’s post?

Minimalist Holiday: White Friday.

I typically hate holiday shopping and plan to stay in most of the day doing a couple of things she suggests. I’m hoping to make good on my persistent desire to slap a bunch of crap up for sale on eBay…